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The Queer Student Alliance at UTEP-

UTEP students band together to advance LGBTQ+ equality and pride through support, education, and action. We aim to dismantle social and institutional barriers to equality for all people.

The Queer Student Alliance at EPCC-

EPCC students work together to educate and encourage acceptance and understanding about the issues related to the LGBTQ+community within El Paso Community College.

The LGBT Initiatives at Texas Tech Health Sciences-

Texas Tech Health Sciences' Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Global Health sponsors three lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) initiatives on campus. All of our initiatives were co-founded by medical students passionate about creating and fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment for the LGBT population. Our LGBT initiatives focus on promoting awareness of health disparities among the LGBT population; providing information and education on how to provide high quality health care to LGBT patients; and training members of our campus community to become supportive allies for LGBT students, LGBT faculty, LGBT residents, and LGBT staff.

Texas GSA Network- 

A Texas-based program of Out Youth offering support for GSA's (Gay-Straight Alliances).  Many resources are available for how to support the establishment and growth of a GSA.

The Texas GSA Network is currently conducting our 2019 Registration Drive to gather information on, catalog, and disseminate information to GSAs in middle and high schools across the state. We are also working to unite clubs through an online statewide forum, and provide resources, and virtual training to help students, parents, teachers and faculty make Gender & Sexuality Alliance Clubs sustainable for years to come.

K-12 Resources GLSEN- 

This organization is a major national force for improving the educational experiences of LGBTQ students in the K-12 system.  They have a robust menu of resources for teachers, students, and school professionals.  Not only do they develop age-appropriate materials for use in schools, they perform extensive original research underlying their policy and activity recommendations, work with policy makers, and advocate for LGBTQ kids nationally. 

Transgender Student's Rights- 

An easy-to-navigate website that gathers together resources for transgender youth in Texas schools. The site includes a contact form that will connect you with the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) in Texas if you need legal assistance. Co-sponsored by the ACLU, Equality Texas, Lambda Legal, and the Transgender Education Network of Texas.

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